Areas of intervention

Pôle Juridique Avocats intervenes to defend the rights of foreigners.

Stay in France

  • Support in the prefecture

You want to regularize your administrative situation? You are applying for a residence permit: “Private and family life”, “Employee”, “Trader”, “Student”…

The Law Firm prepares your file, and go with you to the Prefecture if necessary.

  • Refusal of a residence permit and obligation to leave the country (OQTF)

Have you received a prefectural order? You have an obligation to leave French territory?

The Law Firm assists you in court.

Families of foreigners

  • Family reunification

Your family reunification has been refused? The Law Firm represents you in court.

  • Marriage

The mayor or the prosecutor opposes your marriage? The Law Firm contests these decisions.

Right of Asylum

  • “Dublin” procedure

You are in the “Dublin” procedure? The law firm helps you until you go through “normal procedure”.

  • Applying for asylum

You are applying for asylum?

The Law Firm assists you in the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (Office Français de Protection des Réfugiés et Apatrides: OFPRA) and the National Court of Asylum (Cour Nationale du Droit d’Asile: CNDA)

  • Accomodation

You don’t have accommodation or financial help from the “Office Français de l’Immigration et de l’Intégration – OFII ” (conditions matérielles d’accueil: CMA)?

The Law Firm advises you in order to restore your rights.

Nationality, Visas, Compensation

  • Nationality

Certificate of French nationality, naturalisation

  • Visa

Visa refusal by a French consulate

  • Compensation

Payment of damages to compensate your prejudices, in the event of fault by the State

Other areas of focus

  • Eviction from camp or housing

Defense of the occupants, in the event of evictions from housing or camps

For those interested in foreigners’ law, we invite you to follow our chronicles of hearings on our Foreigners Law Blog: BLOGDE (in