Areas of focus

Pôle Juridique mainly defends the rights of foreigners:


  • Assistance at the Prefecture counter

You wish to renew your residence documents (« Private and family life », « Employee », « Merchant », « Student », « Exceptional regularisation »…)?

The law cabinet prepares your case and accompanies you to the Prefecture.

  • Refusal of a residence permit and obligation to leave the country (OQTF)

Have you received a prefectural order?

The law cabinet challenges these decisions before the courts.


  • Marriage

You are a French-foreign couple, and you want to get married?

The law cabinet supports the future spouses (refusal of celebration, suspension, or opposition to the marriage).

  • Divorce

You are a foreigner, and you wish to divorce?

The law cabinet obtains a judgment that can be transcribed in the country of origin.

  • Family reunification

You are a foreign spouse and your application for family reunification has been refused?

The law cabinet can lodge an appeal before the courts.


  • « Dublin » procedure

You have applied for asylum and have been placed in the « Dublin » procedure?

The law cabinet helps you with every aspect of the procedure.

  • Asylum application

You have filed an asylum application?

The law cabinet assists you before the French Office for the Protection of Refugees and Stateless Persons (OFPRA) and the National Asylum Court (CNDA).

  • Accommodation

You are an asylum seeker, and you do not have accommodation or do not benefit from the asylum seeker’s allowance (ADA)?

The law firm defends you before the courts.


  • Nationality
    • Certificate of French nationality, naturalisation, withdrawal
  • Visas
    • Refusal of a visa by a French consulate
  • Compensation
    • Damages to compensate your prejudices resulting from the State’s faults

Other areas of focus

  • Civil enforcement law
    • Defence of occupants, during evictions from housing or camps
  • Family law
    • Divorce, children’s residence, visiting rights, alimony, parental authority…
  • Criminal law
    • Assistance to defendants before the criminal courts, representation, and compensation of victims

For those interested in foreigners’ law, we invite you to read our chronicles of the hearings on our Foreigners Law Blog.